By Tony Connelly | Sports Marketing Reporter

August 16, 2016 | 1 min read

Virgin Media has continued to illustrate what it can do to leverage the popularity of Usain Bolt, despite not being an official sponsor of the Rio Olympics, with a new music video celebrating his speed.

Titled ‘Be the Fastest’, the music video is by London-based synth band Arch Birds and features Usain Bolt taking care business on the dance floor.

Virgin Media shot the film on location in Jamaica and very astutely released the video two days before Bolt made his mark on the Rio Olympics by clinching his third consecutive 100m Olympic gold medal.

The timeliness of the release will undoubtedly help leverage Virgin Media’s association with its long-term brand ambassador and, having worked with Bolt for so long, the brand benefits from a 'business as usual' perception in the eye of people watching the Olympics rather than an ambush marketer.

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