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China Gen-Y and Gen-Z brand relevance study finds Apple/Xiaomi divide across the ages, and more


By John McCarthy, Opinion Editor

August 12, 2016 | 2 min read

Research from RTG Consulting Group has looked to pin down which brands (across a number of sectors) are relevant to 4,000 of China’s Gen-Y and Gen-Z consumers.

Gen Z Gen Y

Gen Y and Gen Z

The report compared the tastes of China’s Gen Z (born in the 1980s and 1990s) against Gen Y born (mid-1990s to mid-2000s), here are the most relevant brands to these groups.

Across fashion, tech, mobile apps and cars, respondents found Adidas, WeChat, ride-hailing app Did Chuxing (which has merged with Uber China) and VW respectively.

There were divergences in electronics and food and beverage categories, with Gen Y opting for Apple and KFC and the elders preferring Xiaomi and Pepsi.

Angelito Tan Jr. chief of RTG Consulting Group, said: “At RTG our mission is to ensure our client brands remain relevant to today’s consumers, so we thought it would be neat to simply ask Chinese consumers ‘Which brands are most relevant to you?’.

“Results were surprising as there were a number of brands we did not expect to see ranked in the top 10, and some we were even more surprised did not rank at all. It certainly goes to show how if brands do not pay attention to how the fast the market landscape can change, they risk not being relevant to today’s consumers.”

Below are Gen Y’s favourite brands.

Gen Y

Followed by Gen Z.

Gen z
China Branding Apple

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