By John McCarthy, Opinion editor

August 11, 2016 | 1 min read

Much-anticipated space exploration video game No Man’s Sky has been released on PlayStation 4 and to mark the occasion, the company tasked Bill Bailey with featuring in a bizarrely magnetic ad showcasing the odd world’s awaiting players.

The comedian narrated his adventure to the centre of the universe, visiting Bill-Topia, beholding the club-handed, eagle-bouncer wombat and the multi-eyed sentient marshmallows.

Jo Bartlett, head of communications, Sony Interactive Entertainment UK, told The Drum: “No Man’s Sky is an epic space adventure where you can discover 18 quintillion weird and wonderful new planets and the strange creatures that inhabitant them.

“Bill Bailey’s well known love of space and his eccentric comedic style made him the perfect person to go where no man has been before.”

Fever was the creative agency behind the slot and independent comedy and entertainment production company Roughcut handled production and the script.

The ad implies Bailey comes with the game. Beware, he will apparently hog the controller.

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