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By Naomi Taylor | Client Services Manager

August 5, 2016 | 3 min read

The UK Partnership Panel is an impartial body representing partnership marketing within the advertising and marketing community.

The panel is made up of partnership experts from a range of industries including TV, media, consumer product, tech, telco and not-for-profit, who in turn provide a cross section of experience with a well rounded view of Partnership Marketing.

The panel exists to share knowledge, best practice and insight into the discipline, with the view to encourage outstanding partnerships and push partnership marketing to the forefront of the marketing mix.

Panelists meet on a quarterly basis to cover important topics and work through tools and insight that can then be shared to help educate and support marketing professionals when embarking on partnerships.

At the most recent meeting Tara Honeywell, managing director of Mediator and co-founder of the UK Partnership Panel welcomed the new panel members, Scott Radcliffe, senior partnerships manager at Sport England and Jennifer Kelly, senior consumer marketing manager at Casio UK.

Scott Radcliffe said: “Partnerships are an excellent way for government, or agency bodies to enter into the commercial world. Partnerships help these organisations grow their profile through other brands.

“For example, ‘This Girl Can’ campaign had to be open to everyone. It had to be inclusive, so that women could buy into what the campaign stood for, which is tricky to measure. Partnerships allowed this inclusivity and open minded feel to the campaign. We are keen to learn and keen to help this sector grow.”

Lindsay China, partnership controller from NOW TV commented: “Three years ago, I was out pitching to brands to convince them to partner with us, now we receive calls weekly. It shows how the appetite for partnership marketing is increasing. Each sector wants and incentive to drive customers and brand awareness, to give that point of differentiation in partnership marketing.”

To date the UK Partnership Panel led the debate into the definition of what partnership marketing is, co-hosted an IPM Partnership Marketing Conference and developed best practice guidelines to aid marketeers when approaching a collaboration.

If you’re interested in using Partnerships to help your brand grow and keen to know more join the UK Partnership Panel LinkedIn group to follow updates, news and insights.

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Mediator is an independent partnership marketing agency committed to delivering the most creative and strategic partnerships in the industry.

We believe every brand has assets, whether that be their brand equity, content, channels or simply their customer. By utilising these assets brands are able to achieve their marketing objectives in a more effective way.

We work with a wide range of clients, all of whom have a variety of business challenges, which need very different solutions. Predominantly we focus on delivering partnerships for our clients that fall into four key areas:

Amplification - reaching audiences in a more commercially viable way. Promotional - the smart approach to delivering sales promotions that work. Acquisition - using a partner channels to access more of your target audience. Consultative - using our experience and skills to devise the right partnership strategy for your brand.

We use a combination of industry smarts, strategic rigour, bespoke software (Partnership Engine™) and creative flair to get to the heart of the problem. All of that, coupled with an energetic team who are as good at delivery as they are at planning, makes for hard working campaigns that reach people in any number of ways.

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