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Meet the “World’s Biggest Asshole” in this organ donation PSA

Nonprofit Donate Life has launched an edgy campaign that it hopes will catch the attention of young people and make them realize that if the world’s biggest asshole can donate his organs, then anyone can.

The video features actor Thomas Jane as the character Coleman F. Sweeney, aka the “World’s Biggest Asshole.” Voiced by actor Will Arnett, the film walks viewers through a day in the life of Sweeney as he does signature “asshole” things, like beep at little old ladies who are trying to cross the street and steal candy out of children’s trick-or-treat buckets.

After Sweeney dies of a brain aneurysm while arguing with a waitress over whether or not extra fries should be included with his early bird breakfast, the waitress picks up his wallet and finds his driver’s license, which states that he is a registered organ donor.

“That was the day when Coleman went from asshole to hero,” Arnett states. Viewers then see all of the people who went on to benefit from his organs, everyone from a father who needed a liver to a young teacher who received Sweeney’s heart.

Created by The Martin Agency and directed by Furlined’s Speck and Gordon, the campaign was created to try and get millennials to sign up for organ donation since Donate Life has seen a drop-off over the past few years. According to Donate Life, 120,000 men, women and children are awaiting organ donation in the US right now, yet one person can help save and heal more than 50 lives through organ, eye and tissue donation.

The campaign is running online and out-of-home & also features a mural (see below):