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Ad of the Day: #TeamRefugees triumph over the odds to compete at Rio 2016


Four months ago, when the International Olympic Committee (IOC) announced the formation of a refugee team at Rio 2016, independent film production company Just So sought out refugee athletes from around the world to make a long-form documentary to change perceptions. Now, on the eve of the Games, the trailer for the film has arrived.

Co-produced by Grey London, the documentary tells the story of 65 million people forced from their homes and offers a human perspective on the biggest crisis of our generation.

Created in co-operation with UNHCR, the UN refugee agency, the trailer for the documentary aims to build respect and empathy for the global refugee population as well as the ten athletes who will participate in the Games under the Olympic flag.

“The word refugee provokes feelings of negativity, fear or at best, sympathy. We want to inspire admiration instead of pity. Because to be a refugee is to have survived, to have endured, to have never given up,” remarked Richard Ascott, managing director of Just So.

Reaching out through social media, Just So created a bond with the Olympic hopefuls, capturing training, family life and the world they now inhabit, whilst also providing them with their own cameras to film their daily lives and, at present, the final film is still in production.

“As a creative agency, we work with brands to raise awareness and change perceptions. In partnership with Just So, our ‘client’ is the global refugee population. And our goal is to change the way the world sees them,” added Sarah Jenkins, chief marketing officer at Grey London. “By co-producing this film and using our combined strategic and creative skills to help it land in culture, we hope to make a positive contribution to the refugee crisis.”

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