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PlayBuzz Future of TV Shaul Olmert

Why CNBC and Food Network UK are using Playbuzz's new 'Video Snaps' embeds


By Natan Edelsburg, SVP

August 3, 2016 | 6 min read

We've covered Playbuzz in the past, an exciting tech company that is enabling publishers to create bite-size content the livens up their posts and makes them engaging. Many TV networks like Fox Sports and MTV have leveraged their embeds. Their newest format, "Video Snaps" leverages one of YouTube's best features - the ability to to create permalinks that let you jump to a specific minute and second within a video.


Video Snaps by Playbuzz

With Video Snaps, you can create a gallery-style embed that features chopped up clips from YouTube videos of your choice. Above are Video Snaps for our latest episode of the Found Remote Show with Gary Vaynerchuck. Food Network in the UK, CNBC and The Hill are all using this format in creative ways.

Found Remote interviewed Bob Cusack, the Editor-in-Chief of The Hill and Shaul Olmert, the Cofounder & CEO Playbuzz about Video Snaps and what they mean for the industry and election.

Found Remote: How is The Hill using Video Snaps?

Bob Cusack: Video Snaps by Playbuzz are helping The Hill better engage our readers with seamless video content focused on the 2016 presidential election. With so many outlets focused on the happenings of party candidates and campaign developments, this format helps us stand out and continues to make us a go-to for 24/7 election coverage.

FR: Why a video format?

Shaul Olmert: Video is the ultimate form of digital media because, inherently, mobile devices, aren’t the best medium for conveying text-based information. Mobile video consumption is exploding, but all too often, the video people are forced to consume on mobile devices is long-form content that isn’t conducive to quickly conveying a set of messages or a more complex story.

Our data and partners indicated to us that users are looking for a way to interact with video in a way that will make them consume this information faster and in a more engaging manner. Video Snaps empowers the user to consume only the content he or she wants, rather than having to scroll through several minutes just to find that one interesting snippet they really wanted to watch.

This is an on-demand world. People no longer accept that they are going to be programmed. They want full control of the content they consume on a granular level. They don’t want to watch a lengthy video – they crave the highlights. Users want the freedom to get straight to the best content that is meaningful to them.

FR: Why do you think it's become important for the election and for TV networks?

SO: Today, publishers are taking it a step further when it comes to storytelling, especially with major, newsworthy moments. #Election2016 is no exception.

From virtual reality to Facebook live, top-tier outlets are grabbing the attention of readers at all costs and on all platforms, in addition to their own.

TV networks realize that their audience may not have time to watch a 45-minute speech on TV. But to grab those consumers’ attention online, they shouldn’t simply provide the video recap in its entirety – they should provide the highlights and the must-sees.

Video Snaps not only enables publishers to do that, but it allows them to do so quickly with the purpose of providing their targets with the clips they actually want to watch.

FR: How is this video offering different than others we have seen from similar content publishing platforms and some digital-native news sites?

SO: There are many solutions that automate or simplify video production but, typically, you get what you pay for. I haven’t seen any automated video that was nominated for an Academy Award. Our goal with creating Video Snaps was not to attempt to change how people create content, but change and improve how people consume video content.

We’re allowing publishers and brands to take the best videos and serve them in a way that the user will get the most from consuming that content. We want to help make the incredibly interesting and informative videos that many content creators produce, more accessible to their audience.

FR: What’s next for Playbuzz?

SO: Playbuzz is taking it a step further in providing our partners with robust and transparent analytics – something we feel is crucial to ensuring they can consistently deliver the most engaging user experience with their content. For example, when a publisher or brands uses Video Snaps, they will be able to track which separate snaps within a larger Video Snap were viewed and shared, how much of each snap was consumed and other key metrics. All of our formats are created with the goal of optimizing content in order to maximize engagement.

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PlayBuzz Future of TV Shaul Olmert

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