By John McCarthy | Media editor

August 1, 2016 | 2 min read

Tennent’s has rolled out its exclusively-designed games housed within arcade cabinets to Scottish pubs as part of its nationwide 'Barcade' promotion. The campaign aims to entertain attendees, hit home brand awareness and boost sales.

The retro-style comedy games play off Tennent's wider Wellpark shorts series and having previously survived a heavy weekend at the T in the Park music festival are now set to tour Scottish pubs.

The brewer is looking to leave its mark on nostalgic adults with the initiative, as well as appealing to a new generation which is more used to the complex gameplay and realistic graphics computer games now offer.

The stunt has been endorsed by Still Game actor SanJeev Kohli, who said: "Calling all pub punters! Relive your youth with Tennent’s Arcade. Play 'Chap Door Run' safe in the knowledge you won't be issued with an exclusion order.

"Or, if you're too young to remember, enjoy the graphics your dad had to suffer! Get down to the pub and see if you can beat my high score."

The cabinets feature tongue-in-cheek titles including 'Chap Door Run', 'Wally' and 'T in the Park Bartender' – The Drum went along and tried them out before launch, check out our review here.

For our Scottish readers, the tour dates of the cabinets can be found below.

Tennent's dates

Update: Since publication of this piece, bar chain Barcade has contacted The Drum to highlight that Tennent's unlawfully has infringed its brand IP and that the campaign will proceed under the name Tennent's Arcade.

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