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How Intel is working with YouTubers to 'unbox' their use of conflict-free resources for processors


By Natan Edelsburg | SVP

August 1, 2016 | 4 min read

Intel's iconic advertising has proved that even a chip company that sells mostly to other businesses, can capture consumers. In their latest corporate social responsibility campaign they are taping into famous YouTubers to help promote the fact that they use conflict-free minerals for their processors. The latest video above with Joanne Chiang, a tech vlogger whose channel has over seven million views, just launched this morning. Their first video with Lewis Hilsenteger (whose Unbox Therapy channel has over 722 million views) can be seen here.



Found Remote interviewed Teresa Herd, the VP and Global Creative Director at Intel about the campaign and why they decided to work with the Unboxers who are some of the most influential tech experts on the web.

Found Remote: Why is Intel partnering with these influencers?

Teresa Herd: Due to their popularity, Unboxers are some of the most visible tech experts on the internet. They are the perfect target for the campaign and also trustworthy sources to spread the message and educate their audience about Conflict Free and the role of Intel.

Unboxers speak to the audience that we most wanted to reach with this campaign. They reach a millennial tech audience that actually cares about the details of what’s inside their technology.

Unboxers try new products and give their opinions on features, design and price point. They seem to know everything there is to know about their gadgets. But we wanted to challenge them, and their audience, to look beyond the specs of devices and think about what the devices are made of, and where those materials come from.

FR: How were they chosen?

TH: There are so many types of YouTube unboxing influencers, it was important for us to focus on the ones that have a unique voice and a strong following. Our first two unboxers are very established in the industry. For example - Unbox Therapy has over 5 million subscribers, and Linus Techtips has close to 3 million viewers. Our third unboxer, JoanneTechLover is an up and comer. She is a female unboxer, which was to important to us to reach a diverse audience.

FR: What are the goals?

TH: We want to reach a wide audience and make them think about what is inside their devices. Many of them had no idea about conflict minerals. These minerals can be mined by people controlled by warlords in the Democratic Republic of the Congo; a conflict that has killed over 5 million people since 1998. Intel is helping to change that by creating a responsible “conflict free” supply chain. Today, all Intel processors are Conflict-Free.

This is a very important initiative for Intel because we believe we can have a big, positive impact on this matter and it directly relates to how we create our products. I am proud to see our company taking the lead on this important topic and excited to be part of this initiative.

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Advertising Future of TV Intel

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