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Glow app security loophole left users' fertility cycles exposed

Fertility tracking app Glow has come under scrutiny for failing to protect the data of users, via a loophole.


A probe from the Consumer Reports into the app found “one security flaw that might have let someone with no hacking skills at all access a woman’s personal data”.

Furthermore, it pinpointed other loopholes that a hacker could use to gather email addresses, change passwords, and access personal information.

“We were troubled by the nature and depth of the security problems we discovered,” says Maria Rerecich, Consumer Reports' director of electronics testing. “But we were pleased to see how quickly Glow responded to our concerns.”

Glow issued a statement: “We appreciate Consumer Reports bringing to our attention some possible vulnerabilities within our app.

“Once informed, our team immediately worked to address and correct the potential issues and have since released an updated version of the app. We also informed users via email to consider changing their password as an extra precaution. There is no evidence to suggest that any Glow data has been compromised.”

The app boasts four million worldwide users.