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Twitch partners with Netflix, releases streaming survey

Twitch, a social video platform and community created for games, has partnered with Netflix to activate around the release of the supernatural thriller, “Stranger Things.” With a four hour live broadcast hosted on Twitch on July 14, which ended with eight minutes of the first episode, the collaboration resulted in “Twitch Plays Haunted Basement.”

Twitch activates with Netflix, releases streaming survey

“As our team of Influencers played various games ... in our 80's-themed basement set, Twitch chat voted on creepy things to befall our unwitting victims – flying books, flickering lights, doors that would creak open to reveal sinister, singing, dead-eyed dolls only to slam shut at random, ringing phones that would jump off their cradles when you tried to touch them, and more,” Twitch representatives said in a statement.

Recently, Twitch also released a research study that indicates that streaming video influences purchase decisions of consumers. One particular figure dives into the size of the broadcaster noting that some channels, despite their size, have distinct effects on viewers.

“Smaller channels are more like your friend’s couch and less like a stadium. Mid tier broadcasters convert views into purchases 13 times more effectively than top tier broadcasters, and small broadcasters convert views into purchases 1000 times more effectively than top tier broadcasters. This is strong evidence that Twitch does more than just remind potential buyers that your game exists. Some channels are much more likely to convert a viewer into a buyer,” said Danny Hernandez, Data Scientist at Twitch, in a statement.

Founded in June 2011, Twitch reports that it brings together more than 100 million members to interact around video game content. In order to effectively engage with its audience, Twitch launched the Twitch Research Power Group to create a “vehicle for understanding our community in order to improve the Twitch experience.”

“Twitch RPG is a way for you, the Twitch viewer, to help us better understand your perspective and make Twitch even better. Why? While we know things like how much you watch Twitch (a lot), we don’t know much about you and your likes,” representatives said in a statement. “Twitch RPG was created by our Audience Insights team with the goal of eventually building a community big enough to represent the diversity of Twitch users.”

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