Brands can now buy 360-degree video ad slots on Mashable, Forbes and more

Teads has debuted new tech that lets advertisers purchase 360-degree video slots / Coca Cola

Brands can now serve up 360-degree ads on publisher's sites thanks to new technology from Teads.

The video ad marketplace, which helps the likes of Mashable, the Guardian and Forbes monitise its videos, has added 360-video functionality to its inRead toolkit for advertisers, allowing brands to buy slots for the immersive format across all screens including desktop and smartphones.

Various brands from Coca-Cola to Nestle have embraced 360-degree video spots, which are similar to virtual reality experiences in the sense that they offer up the chance to see the creative from different angles. The format removes the need for a VR headset, with videos instead being available to watch on platforms YouTube and Facebook.

Several brands have signed up to serve interactive video via the new system, but Teads was unable to comment on specific deals.

Users’ growing interest in immersive experiences is illustrated by the surge in demand for VR. It’s expected over 12.2m VR headsets will be sold globally in 2016 and, according to eMarketer, 64 per cent of smartphone owners would like to embrace VR when shopping online.

Teads’ inRead 360 can be purchased both direct and programmatically, the format launches when in view on the screen, and pauses when the video is less than 50 per cent visible on a publisher's page.

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