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Tinder Social update enables group hook-ups - no, not like that

Tinder Social screenshots

Tinder has released a new social service looking to encourage groups of people to organise nights out and events, moving the app away from only being able to facilitate one-on-one conversations.

The app update, which was being tested earlier this year, has been launched in six markets, including the US and UK, and has been made available to Tinder users in these regions.

Users, with the most recent version of Tinder on their mobiles can opt into Social allowing for the forming of groups. Users can individually create groups with up to three friends. Theoretically, these could be merged with other groups, while the app's swipe-based system allows for the creation of larger groups and encourages socialisation at real-word events.

“Tinder Social is designed to make it as easy as possible to plan your night, get out into the real world and meet new people. The new feature takes the Tinder experience to a new level, offering our users more ways to expand their social circles and interact with potential matches,” said Sean Rad, chief executive and co-founder of Tinder.

“We believe it’s the ultimate tool for planning your next adventure.”

The groups and conversation threads expire at noon the next day.