By Minda Smiley, Reporter

July 21, 2016 | 2 min read

Australia’s Transport Accident Commission has released a disturbing campaign that it hopes will get people to understand how hard a car crash can be on the human body.

The centerpiece of the road safety campaign is ‘Graham,’ a lifelike sculpture of a man that shows what humans would look like if they were able to withstand a car wreck. With a deformed head, unusually flat face and misshapen feet, Graham’s unusual figure shows viewers just how unequipped a normal human body is to handle a car accident.

Created in partnership with a trauma surgeon and crash investigator, sculptor Patricia Piccinini was asked to create Graham to show people “how susceptible the human body is to the forces involved in transport accidents.”

“Cars have evolved a lot faster than humans and Graham helps us understand why we need to improve every aspect of our roads system to protect ourselves from our own mistakes,” said Joe Calafiore, chief executive officer of the Transport Accident Commission.

At the ‘Meet Graham’ site, viewers can interact with the sculpture and find out how a car accident affects different parts of the body. Anyone who wants to check out the real-life version of Graham can see him at the State Library of Victoria until August 8 before he goes on a road show.

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