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US Department of Justice in Melania Trump social media blunder as official Twitter account calls CNN ‘petty’

The US Department of Justice called CNN 'petty' on Twitter

Whoever was in control of the Twitter account for the US Department of Justice today (19 July) may have just found themselves in the midst of a social media blunder.

This morning, the impartial agency sent a tweet from its official account that linked through to a news story on CNN about Donald Trump’s wife Melania Trump. The poster used the acronym ‘lmao’ (laughing my ass off) and called CNN “petty”.

“CNN is the biggest troll of them all lmao #Petty,” read the tweet, which was most likely meant to be sent from a personal profile rather than a government account.

The article shared from the account was focused on Melania Trump’s camp defending her Republican National Convention speech, which was criticised for allegedly stealing content from current first lady Michelle Obama.

The tweet was swiftly-deleted, but eagle eyed followers were quick to take screenshots, including Matt Ford, a legal reporter at The Atlantic, who added tongue-in-check, “the Justice Department weighs in.”

While the Justice Department has not yet commented on the post, it’s not believed to have been a hack; it's instead most-likely to have been sent by an unlucky staffer who has forgotten to switch to his or her personal account.

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