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Pokemon Go may ink sponsorship deal with McDonald’s in Asia

Pokemon Go may ink a partnership McDonald's according to 'well-placed' sources / The Drum

Gamers may soon be able to get a side of Pokemon with their Big Mac, with reports suggesting that Nintendo’s wildly popular Pokemon Go mobile game is poised to ink a sponsorship deal with McDonald’s.

The partnership has yet to be confirmed but a snippet of code found in the Pokemon app hints that McDonald’s could soon be a sponsored location within the augmented reality title which lets users catch virtual Pokemon in a real-world setting.

Several Redditors discovered the coding in the Andriod and iOs versions of Pokemon Go, with a “well-placed” source confirming to Gizmodo that the sponsorship is moving forward with plans for a launch in one Asian country.

It’s not yet known where the partnership will be debuted but several commentators have pointed to Japan as being the obvious platform due to it being the birthplace of the franchise.

Gizmodo said that as part of the sponsorship, every McDonald’s restaurant in the chosen country will either be a PokeStop or a Gym – places where people can collect ‘supplies’ or battle against others in the game.

John Hanke, the chief executive of the game’s developer Niantic, confirmed last week that the company will be announcing details of sponsored locations in the future.