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The most creative ways Pokemon Go trainers have cheated their way to the top


By John McCarthy, Opinion Editor

July 18, 2016 | 4 min read

Nintendo's Pokemon Go has swept the globe after a staggered launch earlier this month, (I covered it here, check it). The game has mustered a larger user base than Twitter and Tinder, with users taking the Pokemon mantra to 'become the very best' very seriously.

Pokemon Go cheats

Ways to cheat at Pokemon Go

This realm of competition has sparked some creative use of the augmented reality mobile app, and The Drum, as a champion of creativity, wants to celebrate some of the best ways to cut corners at the game.

The Drum team pitched in (far too many of us are playing Pokemon Go) to share our favourite ways to school the game. Enjoy.

Pokemon Go eggs are items collected at Pokestops, players can hatch them and earn a new Pokemon if they travel up to 10km with the app open. Some players have decided however that walking is below them.

One Reddit user posted an ingenious way to steal those extra steps using a dog.

Pokemon Go

If walking is below you, how about hooking up you mobile with a drone? Helping you to traverse large areas without even having to move?

Techinsider show a video showing the Pokemon Go quadcopter, check it here. Other players are hiring minders to hatch their eggs, walking around in 1-4 hour shifts, at an affordable rate of $20 an hour. Another service called Poke Walk will soon open too, a professional service for Pokemon Go walkers – a surefire sign this whole craze is going too far.


Of course, if the drone is too dangerous and the personal trainer too expensive, you could always attach your mobile to a Roomba or similar automated device to crank up those egg-hatching Pokemon Go hours.

The game is getting too big for brands to ignore too. T-Mobile is offering free data for Pokemon Go purposes (it does use a lot off data with its always-on GPS usage).

Meanwhile Yelp opened up a filter letting Pokemon Go users pick their takeaway based on their proximity to Pokestops.

And finally, in Asia McDonald’s could soon be a sponsored location within the augmented reality title.

Pokemon Go Technology GPS

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