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Classic photography brand Polaroid embraces digital with Swing app


Seventy-five-year-old brand Polaroid has released a photo and video sharing app that captures one second moments.

The app comes from a Silicon Valley tech startup chaired by Twitter co-founder Biz Stone that partnered up with Polaroid.

Available from today on Apple’s iOS, the images can be shared on social media sites. On the one second component, a statement from the app said it will add a little more life to photography, capturing “the crash of the wave, hair blowing in the wind, the blink of an eye”.

“Human beings see the world in short moments, not in stills or videos,” says Tommy Stadlen, co-founder of Swing, the startup behind Polaroid Swing. “Memories move, and now photos do too. The product combines Polaroid’s iconic heritage with cutting edge innovation.”

Based in San Francisco with a team build from Apple and MIT engineers, the creation of the app was overseen by Photographer and Litely founder Cole Rise, who designed Instagram’s original filters and old logo (which some people prefer).

Scott W Hardy, president and chief executive of Polaroid, said the company sees itself as “curators of innovation,” adding “We are delighted to collaborate with the extraordinary Polaroid Swing app team to help usher in a new era of sharing life’s most memorable moments in an instant – which has always been at the very heart of Polaroid’s iconic DNA.”