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I ain't afraid of no ads: All the Ghostbusters movie partnerships captured in one place

Just four of the Ghostbusters sponsorships

The Ghostbusters have returned and, typically, the movie has been haunted with a handful of brand tie-ins.

Boasting the most disliked YouTube trailer of all time and an all-new soundtrack from Fallout Boy and Missy Elliot, the movie was always going to see an uphill struggle, due to some (very vocal) parties' doubting the cast could build upon the legacy set by the original comic greats.

With or without box office success, a number of brands cashed in for the chance to have their ambassadors slimed by the mischievous Slimer (who also featured as a sponsored Snapchat lens).

Below we’re going to gather all the ads released for the film.

The NBA was one of the main partners of the film displaying this ludicrious ad during the Finals that sees Kobe and co crack down on some ghosts.

Pizza man Papa John of Papa John’s braved the supernatural danger to deliver a pizza to Slimer. He got slimed.

Looking to presumably capitalise upon the fear and danger cultivated by a surge in supernatural insurgencies Progressive Insurance slimed a guy. It came under fire from some quarters for casting a man as the lead in the ad (no joke). He also got slimed...

Lyft was giving out Ecto-1 rides in Boston, Los Angeles, New York City, San Francisco, and Washington DC for a limited time – too late – you've missed it.

Karcher power washers, one of the most on brand tie-ups without doubt, what kid didn't run about the house wielding a power washer (or a vacuum cleaner)? The Slime returns.

The movie's launch was also supplemented by live activations across the world. In London, eight metre ‘Slime Poles’ and the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man invaded London’s Waterloo Station in an OOH campaign from JCDecaux.

And before any criticism comes at the reboot for the sheer number of marketing tie-ins, check out this 1989 Coca-Cola ad for Ghostbusters 2.

Or this classic Volkswagen slot from 2009, outside the fire station where the original Ghostbusters called home.

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