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Macaulay Culkin not so Home Alone anymore, sharing an afternoon with the Compare the Market meerkats

Macaulay Culkin has joined the Compare the Market meerkat family in a humorous UK TV slot.

Meerkats Aleksandr and Sergei share an RV roadtrip with Culkin, building upon previous ads in the series featuring Nicole Kidman and Arnold Schwarzenegger.

The pair express shock that Culkin is no longer an eight year old, they go through with their planned trip to the fairground and movies, with an unimpressed 35-year-old man, promoting Meerkat Movie's 2-4-1 cinema ticket offer.

Orlov said: “During road trip across Americas, Sergei and I decide to have family day out. Only trouble was, we don’t have a family. So we decide to invite hottest Hollywoods child actor of the moment. Together we have great day at fun fair and use meerkat movies to go to the cinema. It was magicals.”

The full 40 second advert will make its debut on TV screens 8 July on ITV at 7.45pm.

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