Daily Mail pays Lord Sugar £20,000 in compensation for calling him a 'spiv'

The Daily Mail has paid Lord Sugar £20,000 in compensation after calling him a “spiv” in the headline of an article.

The Apprentice star said he would donate the money to Great Ormond Street Hospital Children’s Charity in London.

On his Twitter account Lord Sugar posted a picture of himself Twitter holding a giant cheque “signed” by the Mail’s editor, Paul Dacre.

The article in question reported on David Cameron’s decision to appoint Lord Sugar as his ‘enterprise tsar’ and was published on 26 May. The piece referred to Lord Sugar as a “spiv” and also called him a “liar” and a “rag”.

In the corrections and clarifications column on Monday (4 July) the Mail apologised, saying that the word “spiv … may be understood to describe a person who is dishonest in his business dealings”.

“We are happy to confirm that this was not the intended meaning, as indeed the article stated he is honest and hard working,” it added.