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Trnd UK to host webinar on the impact of collaborating with ‘everyday influencers’


By Michael Feeley | Founder and chief exec

July 6, 2016 | 2 min read

In the light of the recent Forrester Research report stating that only 18 per cent of consumers actually trust influencers, collaboration marketing agency trnd UK has organised a free webinar, to be held tomorrow, looking at the impact for brands of working with ‘everyday influencers’ as opposed to celebrities and star vloggers.

Gill Green, a business-focused clinical psychologist from ORConsulting will join Rebekah Mackay Miller, joint managing director of trnd UK, will discuss to identify, activate and inspire the consumers who will have the most impact on your sales.

Miller said: "It really should come as no surprise that savvy consumers don’t trust the recommendations of social media stars; they see through their endorsements and realise that they are paid to promote the product or do so to raise their own profile. Therefore, the most effective influencers aren’t necessarily the people with the biggest social media followings; regular consumers whose opinions are trusted and sought out by their close network of friends could have a much bigger impact on a brand’s sales.

“The focus of a brand’s influencer activities should be the everyday influencers – real, ordinary people who are passionate about brands and are considered experts within their groups of friends, and as such their opinions are trusted. Two-thirds of all word-of-mouth recommendations for brands happens offline, in real conversations. One offline impression drives five times more sales than a paid impression.”

The webinar takes place at 2pm BST on 7 July 2016. Anyone interested in participating can register for free.

Marketing Public Relations Drum News

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