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‘Hear what people are saying’: Exceptional Women Out West podcast featuring Kammie McArthur, creative director, DNA Seattle

Kammie McArthur, DNA Seattle creative director

It started with an insatiable appetite for the written word. DNA Seattle creative director Kammie McArthur dove in to newspapers, magazines — anything she could get her hands on to feed her curiosity. Born from those formative days, a deep love of writing emerged. More connections were built over time, building a powerful story that is interesting and filled with passion for work, life and the moments to peace that create a sense of calm and place.

Connecting with the land and nature.

Connecting by disconnecting.

Connecting by listening more.

Connecting to culture and the world.

Connecting the future through a dedication to mentoring.

Connecting to Seattle and the Pacific Northwest.

Though she grew up in Northern California, and spent time working in France, McArthur is undeniably part of the Emerald City’s fabric as a creative leader. Much like the city and region itself, the pioneer spirit, the willingness to take the right risks, not fearing its quirks, are arrows in an interesting quiver, clearing showing her creative (no pun intended) DNA.

Exceptional Women Out West is a podcast that highlights and celebrates both the great achievement, lives and POV of amazing women in the Western US and Canada. Listen to previous episodes here. If you would like to nominate women out west to be part of the show, please contact North America Editor at Large, Doug Zanger.