By Cat Turner, N/A

June 24, 2016 | 2 min read

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It fell to one of the world’s most traditional publishers to win this year’s Cannes Lions Mobile Grand Prix.

Milton Elias

Milton Elias, OMD

The New York Times excited the Mobile jury with its virtual reality (VR) push, incorporating stories from the publication together with partnerships from GE and Mini.

Speaking to The Drum, in partnership with Tune, Mobile juror Milton Elias, head of mobile and tech future at OMD UK, talks of the “record-breaking” 17-hour judging process. He says, in a video interview in partnership with Tune: “The quality of the work has been incredible.”

The New York Times, a “heritage brand”, shone out because “they have embraced mobile, to bring something which may have seemed far-fetched a couple of years ago, like virtual reality amd, to bring it it to scale to over a million of their subrscrivers and bring them almost literally, virtually the story”.

In the interview he also talks about how mobile is making communications more personal, has revolutionised industries and why mobile technology is becoming “almost” invisible.

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