By Cat Turner, N/A

June 24, 2016 | 2 min read

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Creativity at Cannes is getting its groove back after a year when data dominated the conversation, according to Microsoft’s top marketer.

Kathleen Hall talks Cannes

Microsoft's Kathleen Hall on Cannes

Kathleen Hall, Microsoft corporate vice president of global advertising and media, says Cannes Lions 2015 was “concerning”. She says: “My history has been in creative and media and I felt like media had taken over and creativity was taking a back seat. The conversation about data: data, data, data, data-driven media had taken over.”

Speaking to The Drum, as part of a series of thought leadership videos in partnership with AudienceScience, Hall says, however, that this year was more encouraging.

“The conversation has evolved to what I would like it to be about, which is what is the interaction between data and creativity? How can we use data to inform the creative in a way that makes it even better and even more impactful?,” she adds.

Hall cites award-winning work such as Trip to Mars and The Next Rembrandt, as using innovation in a meaningful way. “It is not about innovation for innovation’s sake or technology for technology’s sake but how you can leverage technology and data and innovation.”

In the four-minute video she also talks about the power of programmatic, the future of mobile and how data is emerging from its media roots.

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