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Cannes It: The ad industry needs to lose its rock star egos – here’s why

It is time to put the term “me” in the bin, says Razorfish global chief creative officer Daniel Bonner.

He believes that the concept of “me” is divisive to the Adland community, which should instead celebration collaboration – and deliver greater creative output as a result.

Bonner makes his case in the third episode of Cannes It, a Riviera series of interviews in partnership with AudienceScience, that are based on The Drum’s popular Digital Dungeon format. This week marketers, agencies and media folk at Cannes Lions are being asked nominate their top hated phrases, jargon and buzzwords that should be banished.

He says that this week Razorfish looked at all the creative award winners of the past 15 years and found that where collaboration was front and centre, work was better rewarded.

Says Bonner: “One of the big things we found was that collaboration and agencies who free themselves from the ego and talk less about roles and job titles and are more about inclusive teams statistically tend to do better.

“Culturally if an organisation is willing to champion and thank and list and credit the people who actually worked on the work and less about the rock star at the top of the organizational chart, then maybe that’s a culture in which great creativity sells.”

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