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Techdept creates free 14-day online masterclass in digital marketing

Dan Kirby is founder and chief executive of Techdept.

Marketing technology innovation lab Techdept has created a free 14-day online course designed to provide traditional marketers and business leaders with an easily-digestable introduction to the complex world of digital marketing.

Dan Kirby, the co-founder and chief executive officer of Techdept, believes the Marketing Tech Masterclass course offers a ‘jumping on’ point for anyone currently confused by the constantly changing digital marketing environment:

“When you work in digital marketing its easy to take for granted that everyone knows what you know. The truth is that, for many business professionals, staying up to speed with new tech is really hard, and if you feel behind the curve you're not alone. This creates a problem for those of us in the field of marketing technology, as many people are just a bit confused by the subject, hampering our efforts to win new business.

“That's why we've created this free 14-day programme of insights and ideas, which should help anyone better understand this new world. All the content is based on our hands-on experiences and direct insights learnt while working with leading brands, and within our own company and technology investments.”

Released a few weeks ago, the course has already racked up more than 700 particpants and initial feedback has been overwhelmingly positive, says Kirby.

“What has become apparent from the feedback, is that people appreciate complex information being presented in a clear, accessible way in bite-size chunks. Each element of the course is designed to require only five or ten minutes of a person’s time each day.”

Topics covered by the course include ‘Digital Transformation’, ‘Buzzword roundup’, ‘Using Data’, ‘Marketing vs IT’, ‘Destressing Developments’ and ‘Culture, Millenials and the Open Business System’.