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Vote Leave campaigners launch the final Brexit campaign in referendum countdown

"We the People" campaign for Vote Leave

In the final day of EU referendum campaigning, Vote Leave campaigners have launched the last push for votes in video form. The videos will be pushed out on social media channels from Wednesday morning to Thursday 23rd June 10pm.

The campaign was conceived by Michael Moszynski, chief executive of LONDON Advertising, who worked with Communicators for Britain to push the campaign out. The “We the People” campaign involves eight enthusiastic Brexiters, articulating their concerns about the European Union and why they look forward to Britain’s future outside it.

The campaign stars Renu Singh (mother), Mike Brooks (engineer), Alice Hocknell (recruitment consultant), Barry Westbrook (electronics engineer), Andy Riches (fisherman), Tom Hocknell (social worker), Trevor Reader (butcher), and Clive Mills (fisherman).

Michael Moszynski said: “This referendum campaign has been dominated by the voice of the political elite, some of whom have no vote in this referendum. In the day before voting, it is high time that the voice of ordinary Leave voters is heard loud and clear. There are no better advocates for voting Leave than the men and women of Britain who have already decided to do just that.”

The campaign will run online from Wednesday morning until polls close at 10pm on Thursday 23rd June 2016.

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