By Cat Turner, N/A

June 22, 2016 | 2 min read

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All this week The Drum has been pressing the tireless Cannes Lions delegates for their take on the night before. Because, as we all know, the nights in Cannes are just as important as the days themselves.

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Overheard at Cannes - Day 3

Or, in the words of David Buttle, the Financial Times head of commercial marketing: “Business and fun.”

In today’s edition of Overheard at Cannes we speak to Buttle, Cannes veteran Tony Pearce, chief executive and founder of Grabr, and JC Oliver, AOL’s global chief creative officer give their take on Tuesday’s action.

And, despite Pearce’s “crazy” villa party, there’s more than a modicum of work-related activity going on.

Hear Oliver’s behind-the-scenes insight into the judging process, Buttle’s sensible early retreat from the Gutter bar and how Pearce is on a mission to spread his company’s message. And, of course, the rosé.

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