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David Ogilvy's first interview since he died? Possibly not but this film shows how IBM Watson brought his ideas back to life

The Drum has created a short documentary in which IBM's artificial intelligence technology Watson deciphers insights from the writings of the father of advertising, the late, great David Ogilvy.

Having last week published an AI interview piece which saw industry luminaries such as AirBnB’s Jonathan Milldenhall and Engine Group chief Debbie Klein pose questions they would have liked to put to Ogilvy, and where IBM Watson’s ability to understand context and natural language enabled it to return appropriate Ogilvy ‘responses’, the making-of video explaining the process of making the idea a reality has now been released.

Also featuring insights from partners involved in the creation of the feature – which is published within the current issue of The Drum and which was edited using artificial intelligence technology – the video demonstrates the potential Watson has to help marketers quickly garner insights from huge pieces of data.

Stephen Lepitak, editor of The Drum, explained: “When we knew that it was possible for Watson to help us ask questions of David Ogilvy through the insights that he left behind, we decided to document the project while having a little bit of fun at the same time involving a double robot. Thanks to Engine Group too for being patient with us while filming around their offices. I'm sure a few people wondered what we were up to that day.”

The video was premiered at Cannes, while a panel was held discussing the magazine and the possibilities that AI has for the future of marketing.

Further insights on AI and marketing will be held during the forthcoming event the Future of Marketing, taking place in London on 30 June.

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