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Blippar announces suite of DIY tools for agencies to help them with augmented reality efforts


Augmented reality app Blippar has created a set of tools designed specifically for digital and creative agencies that it says will help them more easily utilize the budding technology.

Announced at Cannes, the move comes as the virtual reality and AR markets continue to grow. According to Digi-Capital, AR revenue is expected to reach $90bn by 2020 while VR is projected to hit $30bn.

Blippar is inviting agencies to participate in a beta launch of the AR tools, which include an updated version of its Blipperbuilder platform that lets users create interactive AR content “with no code or technical know-how required.”

The beta programme also includes Blippar’s API suite, which the company said can be used by advanced programmers.

According to Blippar, the tools will allow agencies to “exercise their creative as well as commercial muscles and push their clients into exciting new areas of brand building.”

Since its founding in 2011, Blippar has worked with brands including Heinz, Oreo and Maybelline to help them provide mobile experiences for consumers through the use of its app. Once users download the Blippar app, they can unlock experiences by scanning, or “blipping,” an item such as a can of soda or box of cereal.