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AT&T's @SummerBreak pulls out all the stops for its fourth season


The immensely popular YouTube show, @SummerBreak, has a return date. The show’s fourth season will premiere on June 26th, airing Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday, until the end of the summer. The show chronicles a group of California teenagers, following their adventures and relationships in their last summer before senior year. The premise is certainly a good blueprint for success.

The Drum previously wrote about the show in connection with AT&T which launched the show in collaboration with Fullscreen Media, The Chernin Group, and Astronauts Wanted.

Part of what makes the show popular, and innovative, is its engagement with viewers. A major theme with new shows, both online and on television, is finding new ways, through all the various platforms, to get viewers involved in the show. While some shows may display Twitter handles on their screens, others have have become more immersive.

@SummerBreak has been able to do that with its younger audience.

Through the messaging platform, Public, “fans will be able to follow the cast’s daily group texts, as well as comment (and) ask questions.” And through Snapchat, fans will be able to look behind the scenes at the cast, who will be able to “share their real-life experiences as they happen.” In addition, @Summerbreak will also utilize Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Tumblr, as well as Wishbone and Giphy.

“We aren’t just making a show, we are creating an opportunity for the audience to join a friend group” said Billy Parks, SVP of Fullscreen Media’s Strategic Content Group. “Most shows ask you to lean back and take in other people’s stories; with @SummerBreak the audience is invited to lean in and connect with the cast anytime, anywhere on the platforms they use on a daily basis.”

So far, the show’s efforts have paid off. @SummerBreak has over 150 million views, with last season averaging 7 million views per week.

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