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The Times backs Remain campaign in Brexit debate

The Times backs ‘Remain’ campaign in Brexit debate

News UK’s broadsheet The Times has backed the Remain campaign in the Brexit battle in the same week its sister newspaper The Sun declared its support for Leave campaigners.

The newspaper announced its decision in today’s issue (18 June), splashing with a front page headline ‘Why remain is best for Britain”.

News broke earlier in the week of The Times’ stance, despite its claim that it would not reveal its stance until the day before the Brexit vote. The newspaper argues that a vote out of the European Union would spark “unknown and alarming consequences” for the UK and Europe.

However, it does call for reforms of the union and urged prime minister David Cameron to push for change should the country vote to remain. In one paragraph the newspaper said: “This referendum has rightly been a thunderous rebuke to Europe and a solid Brexit vote should shake Brussels out of its complacency. If Mr Cameron wins, he must seize the moment to galvanise other disgruntled allies from Denmark to Dubrovnik for a new assault on waste, red tape and anti-democratic interference.”

It will be seen as a fillip to the prime minister and the Remain group as the debate enters the home stretch with the Brexit campaigners edging out the polls before campaigning was suspended.

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