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14 - 18 June

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Ken Hein

US editor

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Angel Soft unveils emotional film featuring hardworking immigrant dad ahead of Father’s Day

Last year, toilet paper brand Angel Soft rolled out a video called ‘Happy Father’s Day, Mom,’ which featured sons and daughters of single moms paying tribute to their mothers who have had to play the role of both parents throughout their children’s lives.

This year, the Georgia-Pacific-owned brand is back with another emotional film for the holiday featuring a widower named Melquiades Rayos who works three jobs in the US to support eight of his children who live back home in the Philippines.

Created by Deutsch, the video is part of the brand’s ongoing ‘Be Soft. Be Strong’ campaign that celebrates families who have faced obstacles with grace and resilience. Another spot the brand launched last year, called ‘Grander Parents,’ featured two real grandparents discussing what it’s like raising their imprisoned son’s young daughter.

In this year’s Father’s Day video, Rayos – who lives with his daughter and has not seen his other children since he left the Philippines - discusses how he works three jobs to provide money for his kids so they can go to school, buy food and get medicine.

“We’re the perfect example of a poor family but a happy family,” his daughter says in the film.

At the end, his daughter embraces him as she reveals that Angel Soft is giving them both plane tickets to return to the Philippines and celebrate Father’s Day as a family.