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The Drum

‘Accept some risk’: Exceptional Women Out West podcast featuring Tami Hurwitz, GM, Office campaigns and marketing automation, Microsoft

Tami Hurwitz

The great unknowns in work and life can be daunting. For a then-24-year-old Tami Hurwitz, general manager, Office campaigns and marketing automation, Microsoft, it was a trip to Argentina to help launch a product for the company she was working for at the time, Procter & Gamble. A competitor took the brand name and attempted to position P&G in an unfavorable light — and the team there feared that Hurwitz would get nervous about the environment and head right back to Cincinnati.

Not a chance, Hurwitz took the opportunity and not only ran with it, but built a foundation that serves her well today, especially in her role at Microsoft.

Our conversation at the Marketo Marketing Nation Summit covered a lot of ground, but the themes of challenge, risk and realism permeated throughout. Her leadership style is steeped in the right kind of experimentation — the thoughtful variety that is willing to give things a go, not for the sake of just doing it, but seeing where results and people can grow.

Not knowing what’s next is exciting and, for Hurwitz, digging in and learning about what’s next makes her an outstanding leader.

Exceptional Women Out West is a podcast that highlights and celebrates both the great achievement, lives and POV of amazing women in the Western US and Canada. Listen to previous episodes here. If you would like to nominate women out west to be part of the show, please contact North America Editor at Large, Doug Zanger.