Sir James Dyson brands Brexit trade concerns as 'absolute cobblers'

The Remain and Leave sides have been accused of blowing hot air in this EU referendum cycle but entrepreneur Sir James Dyson has built an industrial empire doing so at the helm of vacuum brand Dyson.

The inventor has made his stance clear to the Telegraph, stating that a Brexit would not damage UK trade.

He said: “When the Remain campaign tells us no one will trade with us if we leave the EU, sorry, it’s absolute cobblers.

“Our trade imbalance with Europe is running at nine billion a month and rising. If this trend continues, that is £100bn a year.”

He claimed that the UK would be £18.5bn better off each year if we voted to Leave.

The news comes after The Drum editor-in-chief Gordon Young came out for a Brexit stating that it would dampen the case for Scottish independence, contrary to the claims of some on the subject.