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Chip Shop Awards judges pick the ads that could and should run for real

The Chip Shop Awards 2016 winners were crowned last night with some ingeniously creative ads getting the recognition they deserve.

Yet sadly few of them, if any, will ever run in the real world.

That's because the Chip Shops remains the only industry awards scheme offering a home to brilliant ideas that haven't actually run. It occupies its own parallel universe where creatives don't have to worry about such trifling matters as taste, decency and political correctness – or even having clients.

And sure, the Chip Shops has its fair share of knob gags and risque jokes that would make any client blush. But last night's crop of winners and nominees also contained several creative ideas that really could – and perhaps should – run for real.

At least that was the view of the awards' esteemed panel of judges. So here some of the 2016 jurors to tell us which ads they think really should see the light of day.

Coffee Cup

Brand: NSPCC

Entrants: Paul Bond/Matthew Wyatt

Winner of: Grand Prix, Best Use of an Alternative Media Space, Best Charity Ad

Judge Sam Cartmell, deputy executive creative director at Ogilvy & Mather London, said: "My favourite category was Best Use of an Alternative Media Space, which had two quality pieces of work – both of which could and should run. The NSPCC coffee cup stood out for me. It is smart and hugely powerful. While Manhole for Prostate Cancer UK is capable of grabbing every gentlemen’s attention. There’s so much equipment down there (including the ladder), it makes me smile and think in equal measure."

Check your manhole

Brand: Prostate Cancer UK

Entrant: Multiply UK

Winner of: Best Use of an Alternative Media Space

Paul Snoxell, creative director at Partners Andrews Aldridge, said: "Ok, so notwithstanding the utter fucking genius of the NSPCC coffee cup, the ad that made me laugh, shudder and describe to everyone the minute I got back to work is the media ambush for Prostate Cancer by the team at Multiply.

"Be underwhelmed at the dullness of the image, gaze mystified at the brutally utilitarian equipment. Spurt coffee out of your nose as you finally take in the wording on the temporary warning sign. Why do I love this idea so much? Well, speaking as a 'more senior' creative, I just can't quite put my finger on it..."

End of an era

Brand: Land Rover

Entrant: Lick Creative

Winner of: Best vandalism of an existing ad

That Lot director Barney Wofolk-Smith said: "The Defender is a much loved British icon and the end of its production felt like a moment that signified more than just the end of a vehicle. The simple image of the vehicle with the incredibly succinct and clever copy was tasteful and well crafted. I'm a sucker for Defenders and this got me!"

Awards chairman John Jessup added: "It's simple, and it hijacks [the brand's] well known line to perfection. I can't believe Land Rover's agency didn't think of it first."


Brand: Waitrose Prosecco

Entrant: Paul Bond/Matthew Wyatt

Winner of: Best Corporate Identity

Nick Entwistle, the man behind One Minute Briefs, said: "I think the Prosecco packaging should be done for real.

"The typography and idea are stunningly simple. The idea itself is campaignable and would make for great posters, digital ads and animation.

"I hope to see this on bottles in stores very soon!"

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