Former Nasa boss gives voice to ‘fundamental transformation’ of speech recognition

A former Nasa chief has spoken for the first time about a new form of speech recognition technology developed in secret by his ‘stealth startup’ which is claimed to eclipse current services offered by Apple, Google & Microsoft.

Machine learning firm KnuEdge, established under the radars by Dan Goldin, has lifted the lid on its first product, KnuVerse, a voice recognition tool designed to be used as a form of biometric audio fingerprint to allow people to access banking and other services without the need for a PIN or password.

Goldin said: “We are not about incremental technology. Our mission is fundamental transformation.

“We were swinging for the fences from the very beginning, with intent to create next-generation technologies that will in essence alter how humans interact with machines, and enable next-generation computing capabilities ranging from signal processing to machine learning.”

At the heart of the new technology is a new computer chip dubbed Knupath which, it is claimed, is superior at processing machine learning and AI tasks than existing chipsets.

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