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Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg suffers multiple weekend account hacks

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg has found himself in the embarrassing situation of having multiple accounts hacked over the weekend, apparently after employing the same password to access each.

The schoolboy error breaks one of the golden rules of online security and comes despite Facebook itself exhorting members to practice good housekeeping when managing multiple accounts.

Zuckerberg has long been a popular target for hackers, a group of who succeeded this weekend when OurMine Team accessed his Twitter and Pinterest accounts – and possibly also his Instagram account although Facebook deny this.

OurMine Team said they had managed to pull off the infiltration after sourcing log-in details from a recent LinkedIn password dump in which millions stolen log-in details were put up for sale.

Zuckerberg’s Twitter account (@finkd) has now been restored such as it is – the Facebook founder hasn’t ventured a tweet since 2012.

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