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Tinder CEO vows to improve service for transgender users

Tinder chief executive Sean Rad has vowed to do more to accommodate transgender users, signalling a shift from its binary male/female restrictions on dating interests to something more fluid.

On the app as it exists at the moment users are limited to describing themselves as male or female with the same restriction in place when it comes to stating what type of people you are interested in dating.

In future however this may change, as Rad informed delegates at the Code Conference: “For a long time we haven't done enough to give them (the transgender community) a good experience. It's harder for them to get what they are looking for. We have to modify our experience to address that."

"It's not only good for the Tinder community, but it's the right thing to do for the world."

As such Tinder will instigate a number of tweaks to its current user interface to accommodate transgender individuals.