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Weird Top Gear, VoteyMcVoteFace and a naked, sleepy German: John's Weird Week

Welcome to John's Weird Week episode 20, after a brief fracas last week, we've rebooted the show as Top Weird.

Here's the week's top stories, in a week filled with bank holiday joy, and little in the way of earth-shaking news.

1. Top Gear is back and people were slightly mean to new host Chris Evans. The brand, however, made a bold return to the fray despite the criticism.

2. There was yet another turn in the Boaty McBoatface saga, it has evolved into Votey McVoteFace and is being used by the government to encourage young people to debate about, and ultimately vote in, the EU referendum.

3. And finally, German mattress company Muun shared a bold ad showing the soft side of a toughened nightclub bouncer called Frank. They stripped him down and filmed him resting in order to show 'German Softness'.

If you're a fan, you should check out last week's episode: PornHub Bangfit, Tinder vs 3nder and Cats on a plane.