Commitment rings ensure that partners watch shared TV shows together

TiVo each fall releases its Cheaters Survey, which digs into how often partners who resolve to watch TV shows together cheat by watching the show alone. The most recent survey showed that 62 per cent of respondents admitted to watching a shared show without their significant other.

Now, though, there is a solution to cut down on TV-viewing infidelity.

First reported earlier this week by Co.Create, Cornetto, the U.K. ice cream brand, has created ‘Commitment Rings.’ The rings feature NFC technology linked to a video-streaming platform, and agreed-upon shows can only be viewed when the two rings are near each other.

Campaign messaging includes "Are you ready to take a #seriescommitment?" and "Make your love last more than one season."

While the rings are not yet available, those interested in purchasing a pair can provide their email addresses for updates at