Staffordshire University project looking to bring virtual reality to the courtroom

Virtual reality technology could soon be used to bring to life criminal cases in court making it easier to recreate crime scenes, according to research from Staffordshire University.

The project, which received a £140,000 injection from the European Commission, can take jurors to the scene of the crime, presenting a more visual and integrated way of presenting evidence.

Dr Sturdy Colls, a lead researcher on the project, told the BBC: “What we want to do is to come up with the best solution that helps the criminal justice system – help the police in their detection and recording of crime and then to help jurors in court to understand those crimes better that they ever did before."

Wearing the headset, jurors can walk around the crime scene, with the tech touted to bolster the legal system in the coming future.

Staffordshire police admitted that virtual reality could “bring to life" scenes “in a way that is far easier for juries to understand and appreciate - which can only be be good for everybody, for prosecution and defence."

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