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As TV unbundles, RCA steps up its antenna game with Slivr


By Natan Edelsburg | SVP

May 24, 2016 | 4 min read

With a new streaming service launching each week, it's becoming more confusing than ever to figure out how to get the content you want at the price you want. One part of TV that's making a comeback as a result of this, is free over-the-air. With an inexpensive digital antenna it's now possible to get free HD-channels to enhance your cord-cutting desires.


RCA, whose origins go back to 1919 as a radio company are now one of the main producers of TV antennas. Their new SLIVR model, which is $29.99 – $69.99 can even be bundled with the popular Sling TV service. Found Remote interviewed Ian Geise, President of Voxx Accessories Corporation (RCA's parent) about the new antenna. Here are the main features followed by the interview.

  • Four different models, sleek profile allows for SLIVR to be laid flat or hung to blend into any home entertainment environment
  • Features SmartBoost™ amplification to strengthen weak signals and deliver purer channel quality making it easier to tune in
  • Receives local HD and Digital TV broadcast in 1080 resolution (better than cable or satellite) for FREE; including NBC, CBS and ABC
  • RCA’s patented multi-directional reception technology, picks up signals in all 360 degrees so you never need adjusting
  • Receive local news, sports, weather and popular TV show broadcasts and break free from hefty monthly cable subscription bills
  • RCA is the world leader in digital antenna technology

Found Remote: Why did RCA launch SLIVR?

Ian Geise: Our first omni-directional antenna launched in 2009. We wanted to refresh the design and make something sleeker. The new design lets us create larger models to provide better reception and accommodate different consumer’s needs.

FR: Why did you partner with Sling?

IG: RCA recognized this would be a perfect opportunity to provide consumers with over-the-air channels to supplement their streaming services. We imagined there would be two major groups of people: antenna users that didn’t know they could pay for their favorite cable channels and Sling TV users that could take advantage of free local channels with an antenna.

FR: Thoughts on the Comcast news that they are ditching the set-top box?

IG: The news isn’t surprising. Streaming is becoming more mainstream and products like Roku are providing an easy way for people to get their favorite shows. These changes are opening up competition and I believe we’ll start seeing other cable services, like DirectTV, start moving in this direction in the future. Consumers are getting their entertainment from devices like antennas and streaming services instead of relying on cable. Especially with the demand to have their content on their smart hand-held devices.

FR: Thoughts on the FCC’s efforts to unlock the box?

IG: This will make competition stronger in terms of making the user experience better. Both in price and in features. If we unlock the cable boxes, we will see technology move faster and faster.

FR: Why is RCA still in the antenna business?

IG: RCA has been able to stay at the top in the antenna business because of their drive in technology, design and value for the consumer. Our Omni-directional patents have allowed us to have the best reviewed antennas in the industry and thus the best consumer experience. And RCA has been a trusted brand for decades as we have introduced some of the biggest consumer electronics products and things are only going to get better with RCA antenna products.

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Future of TV Comcast Sling TV

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