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Levi’s unveils its ‘Odyssey’ ad in 2002 in effort to get its cool factor back

To celebrate the Ad Club of New York's 120th anniversary, The Drum is inviting readers to share their favorite marketing moments from the past 120 years.

Today's marketing moment was chosen by Troy Graham, executive creative director at production studio Thinkingbox. Below, find out why Levi's 2002 'Odyssey' ad is one of his favorite moments in marketing's history.

This is my marketing moment because it is 1) attention-grabbing 2) innovative and 3) effective.

It was beautifully shot and genre-bending, and created by my all-time favorite director Jonathan Glazer.

The special effects were cutting-edge and were a massive undertaking by world-renowned visual effects company Framestore.

It’s an ad campaign that stands the test of time, and importantly, just after the ad’s premiere, sales of Levi’s Engineered Jeans increased by 200%, making a big impact on the public’s perception of the brand.

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