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Vote Leave's new ad places old ladies in NHS purgatory if UK remains

Vote Leave has issued another NHS-centered campaign, which suggests that if the UK remains old ladies are doomed.

The new two-minute ad from the official Brexit camp uses a split screen scenario to compare how an elderly woman's treatment at an NHS hospital would differ depending on which way the UK votes in the upcoming EU referendum on 23 June.

Entitled 'Which NHS will you vote for?', the film comprises a split screen with a caption on one side reading ‘Inside the EU’ and the other running with ‘Outside the EU’. The ad suggests that if the UK left the EU, frail patients would have twice as many nurses at hand, and can expect to be seen by a doctor almost instantly.

However, if the Remain campaign is successful, they face an uncertain future in a purgatorial-like A&E waiting room staring into the abyss, or directly into your eyes as the camera shot would have it.

The premise of the ad is based on Vote Leave’s assertion that exiting the EU would save the UK £350m per week which in turn could be invested in the NHS.

Continuing to run with this angle seen the camp quickly come under fire from Vote Remain campaigners who have rubbished the £350m figure as “grossly misleading”, a claim supported by the UK Statistics Authority which ruled the number was "potentially misleading".

Meanwhile David Cameron's efforts to convince the UK to remain have been dealt a blow after his former strategist Steve Hilton gave an exclusive interview to the Daily Mail in which he said the UK would be “literally ungovernable” unless it takes power back from Brussels.