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McDonald's releases green burger to promote Angry Birds Movie

McDonald's has released a range of green and red burgers in China as part of a promotional campaign for the new Angry Birds Movie.

'The Naughty Green Pork Burger' - comprising pork patty, egg, lettuce and a 'mystery sauce' with jalapeños housed between two green buns - is being sold as part of a series of Angry Birds-themed menu items.

There is also the 'Super Red Burger' – a double chicken sandwich featuring two red buns.

Despite its hardly appetising appearance, the green burger "wasn't half bad" according to That's magazine's 'We Eat It' series.

And while it does represent a new extreme for movie marketing, it's not the first time a fast food chain has changed the colour of its buns.

In September 2014, McDonald's great rival Burger King released a black burger in Japan as part of a delicious-sounding squid ink range.

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