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David Cameron on Tinder, Blue Man U & Trump kids: John’s Weird Week

There was too much choice this week when it came to summing up the allocated period in a mere three stories.

And yet, here we are. Watch the video below or hone in on the text below.

1. Prime minister David Cameron apparently joined Tinder this week – and then it emerged he didn’t, and this was only the tip of the iceberg.

2. Manchester United covered some kids in blue paint, making them looking like 21st Century Fox’s X-men. A cool stunt or exploitation? Probably cool.

3. And a New Zealand utility company called Powershop had some Kiwi kids recite some famous Trump quotes, it is as unmissable as it sounds.

Check out last week's episode here: 'America Bud, Puppy Lyst & Swedish Meatspin'.

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