Android risks Noaty McNoatFace as Twitter is to name its new OS -starting with the letter N

Google's mobile operating system Android was playing with fire after it asked social media to name its latest iteration of the software with a caveat - it must start with the letter N.

In a post BoatyMcBoatFace world one unyielding constant is the public's need to sabotage seemingly reasonable acts of democracy such as that offered by Android in the following tweet.

Some claimed the company was opening itself up to all manner of insulting terms but many stated that it was the perfect opportunity for trolls to use a certain n-word highly pejorative of black people.

Below are just some of the suggestions issued Twitter.

To date however, many of the entries have been relatively inoffensive, with Nutella looking like the most common entry

And naturally, I took a swing at naming the system too.

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