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Accenture creates artificially intelligent agent Amelia to inspire firms to embrace machine learning

Management consulting company Accenture has teamed up with IT automater IPsoft to launch an artificially intelligent agent called Amelia, who has been designed to encourage companies to embrace machine learning.

Similar to Apple's Siri, Amelia will tackle client queries in "conversational" language, answering questions and managing processes. For example, she is able to help customers open bank accounts, or check out insurance policies. She will also be on hand to help employees within businesses, providing internal services like HR and guiding staff on company policies.

As well as boasting natural language capabilities, Amelia has an element of machine learning - meaning she can be taught how to carry out various functions, like answering calls, via a simple uploading process.

Based in the US, the practice will work globally, and follows on from the launch of Accenture's dedicated AI lab in Dublin last year.

The firm has estimated that the AI and cognitive systems software market will more than double by 2019 to reach $6.4bn. Brands and tech giants alike have been looking to invest in the space, with Facebook, TacoBell and Kik all making forays into the AI arena.

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